NUTMAN!-Insane Super Hero

Nutman!, the creation of Ken Raabe, was a recurring element on the Secret Circus TV show and live performances. Nutman! started as one of the sketches in the Lump Bros. stage show. When they began producing their Cablevision TV show, Secret Circus, Ken and John wrote Nutman! sketches.



The Shows

Nutman Origin

Nutman in Terror Therapy

Nutman in "Dr. Zero from Dimension X."

Nutman Meets the Hammerloids

Nutman and The Three Fish

Nutman Meets the Nightcrawler

Dr. Nice Gives Nutman Some Advice

Nutman Meets Toiletman

Morning Overload "Nutman and the Urban Pagans."

Nutman Origin-Extended Version

Music credit: Rich Maisel