Secret Circus Videos – TV and Live Performances

Secret Circus Videos – TV and Live Performances

Cablevision gave us the opportunity to put the Lump Brothers on TV in the form of Secret Circus, an award-winning half-hour weekly show of ridiculous sketches, e.g. ‘Danger Is My Breakfast,’ ‘Morning Overload,’ and ‘Aunt Panorama’s Ant-O-Rama.’ Secret Circus was cablecast in the Chicago Metro area and in New York City on The One Show.

TV Show Opening Lead-in

More videos from the award-winning Cablevision TV series, Secret Circus.

Justin & Nickoff Thyme

One Meatball

The Organ Grinder

Outward Bound Weight Reducing Plan

The Venus Fly-Trap with Karen Sheridan

About the Secret Circus

Believe It or Don't Believe It

Big John

Electric Edward

King Nebuchadnezzar

Sherlock Holmes in The Bumps of the Goose

Special Guests, Bob Lewis & Al Pier-A Musical Interludens

The Cop

The Egg-performed by Ken

The Hangover

The Monster

The Park Bench I

The Park Bench II

Why is this Show Called Secret Circus?

Aunt Panorama's Ant-O-Rama


Harlequin Fishing

Moonstruck Pierrot

Talking About Talking

The Futile Gourment

The Series of Unusual Theories

The Weepers

Pierrot in "The Egg"

The Examination

Secret Circus Live Show Videos

Enjoy a selection of sketches performed in front of a live audience.

Ivan the Terrible

Morning Broke in on Nostrils O'blique

Mr. Punk and the Frass Tones

The Saloon

The Telephone Booth

The Thyme Twins

Blue Canary

Jake the Peg

The Examination

The Telephone Booth

The Parcel