Secret Circus TV – Behind the Scenes

Secret Circus TV – Behind the Scenes

Many people made Secret Circus TV possible. This page honors them and archives artwork, ads, and scripts. Enjoy!


Secret Circus ECTV STAFF

Here are the names of some of the people who contributed time and skill to our goofy show . . .

Executive Producer ~ Laura Polarek
Producers ~ Gordon Hom, John Szostek, Ken Raabe

Additional Cast ~ Al Pier, Robert Lewis, Patrick Wooldridge, Jan Szostek, Barbara Martin, Patrick Brigdon, Bill Kussman

Guests ~ Magician Tony Craig, Mime Karen Sheridan

Musical Guests ~ Rosamund Campbell, Autoharp

~The Sergio Bezard Quintet: Rod Rodilius: Bass, Jeff Newell: Saxophone, Paul Cascino: Piano,

John Memella: Guitar, Sergio Bezard: Drums, Jan Steele: Vocals

Graphics ~ Mary Clarizio, Al Pier, Karl Raack

ECTV Production Staff
Director ~ Gordon Hom

Cameras ~ Stephen Farrel, Samantha Heinz, Kim Kuttner,
Paul Schanette, Kelly Reynolds

Audio ~ Darren O’Reilly, Spencer D. Robinson

Engineer ~ Bob Van Deering

Special Effects ~ Michael Lukazewsky


TV Show Graphics


TV Show graphics

A True Story by John Szostek

When the Secret Circus Cablevision show was in its second season, I was hired by The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago to perform for the opening of a new exhibit. Prior to the event, I went to scope out the performance venue. On my way, I passed through The Farm exhibit gallery, where modern farming technology was on display. One of the most popular exhibits was the egg hatchery, where real chicks hatched from eggs in a large incubator. Another popular exhibit was a re-creation of a modern farm family at home in their living room, a father, mother, boy, and girl, all watching TV. They were statues, not real people, but the TV was real. In the past, when I visited the Farm gallery, the TV would be playing some current broadcast. This time, as I walked past, I heard a familiar sound. It was the squawk of a swazzle, a small metal instrument held in the mouth of a Punch and Judy puppeteer, used to produce the characteristic shrill voice of Mr. Punch. Ken is a master Punchman or Professor, and he uses a swazzle to make the voice of Nutman. Could it be? I stopped, turned, and looked at the setting of the modern farm family enjoying a leisure activity after a hard day’s work. On the TV was Nutman-Insane Superhero as it was being broadcast on Cablevision. There was Ken as Nutman, leaping and bouncing, in his distinctive outfit complete with a checked tablecloth cape, squawking and shrieking and waving his arms all around. That is how Nutman entered modern American farm life.


Secret Circus-Live Show



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