The Lump Brothers

THE LUMP BROTHERS are a clown pair teaming an overbearing Clown Royal with a raggedy Auguste-type clown. In this pairing of opposites, the elegant and sophisticated clown is named Deasil (clockwise), and the raggedy clown is named Widdershins (counter-clockwise). With sketches like “Nutman, Insane Super-Hero!” and the impossible magic of “Justin and Nickoff Thyme,” they create an improbable and ridiculous world. “Go for the marvels.” Tony Adler, The Reader.

Why “The Lump Bros.?” The OED describes “Clown” as “a word meaning originally ‘clod, clot, or lump.’” The idea that an undifferentiated lump, like clay, could be transformed into anything and is synonymous with “Clown” was appealing. Hence…The Lump Brothers.

Illustration by Karl Raack

THE LUMP BROS. variety show is a marvel of styles, a nickelodeon of comedy, music, magic, silent comedy sketches, and stories.  From the zany exploits of NUTMAN! INSANE SUPERHERO! to the impossible magic of JUSTIN AND NICKOFF THYME, THE LUMP BROS., create an improbable and ridiculous world.

John Szostek and Ken Raabe are THE LUMP BROS.  Their credits include being cast members of the Emmy Award-winning CBS TV program, BEYOND THE MAGIC DOOR and performing a two-part TV series for NBC.  They recently opened for Ramsey Lewis.  “SECRET CIRCUS with THE LUMP BROS.”, their TV series, is carried by Cablevision and “the One Show” in New York City.  THE LUMP BROS.  have taken their cabaret show to Zanies, The Gingerman, Who’s on First, and The Comedy Womb.  They performed their full-length show, “ASLEEP AND PLACES LIKE IT,”   at The Chicago Comedy Showcase for a three-month run.  THE LUMP BROS.  have entertained at Fairs and Festivals like LincolnFest and Custer’s Last Stand.  Corporations like Burson-Marstellar and Allstate have hired them for special events and trade shows.

THE LUMP BROS.  can perform indoors and outdoors, on stage or “mixing-it-up” with a crowd.  Perfect for special events, fairs, festivals, and promotions. 

With their wide repertory, they can suit Contemporary, Renaissance, Circus, or Victorian themes.  Each theme is performed in authentic style and costumes. 

“Go…For the Marvels!”   Tony Adler – “The Reader.”

Poster by Gary Whitney


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